Original music composition and sound design creation for Cartier

Back on our original music and sound design creations for the "Celebrate with Cartier" campaign.


Mooders was asked by Creaminal (music supervision agency) to create the original music and sound design for the Cartier « Sound of Christmas » campaign. It has been ambitious artistic project, which required a real symbiosis between visual and sound productions. Used to work in the luxury industry, the duet of directors “Metz + Racine”, was in charge of designing installations and film directing.


By borrowing the codes of Modern Art through the design of kinetic structures, the directors are offering a crystalline and refined universe, close to the brand image. This campaign is made up of 8 « capsule films » in which each highlights a product at the heart of the work : moving, elegant and poetic pictures, thought as unique sensory experiences. 

The challenge of our work, as a composer-sound designer, rested on our ability to create a sensitive sound universe, a touch of magic that gives body to visual representations, while bringing the "Christmas" touch. The brief suggested to create a strong parallel between the visual installations and the sound sensations, produced in the manner of content called “ASMR” (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).

Our answers in sound design

We had to experiment, work on the sounds by being able to use different sound treatments for each installation. The visual indicators were decisive while choosing the sounds : metal, smoke, crystal, geometric shapes…

Baubles Gravity was, for example, created from a tray on which balls were set in motion by being thrown by film crew. The base’s curved shape fosters rotation of the balls and therefore the kinetics in this video. The metallic balls are harmonious and the end of the capsule appears as a resolution, as they meet around the watch.

All of them had a singularity of textures and materials that we had to translate into music and sound design. The experimental and minimalist aspect of the installations were also inspiring while composing this unique atmosphere.

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