About us

About us

We are a multi awarded music creative team. Our raw materials are music and sound.

Mooders is the meeting between Eric MULLER and Maurin ZAHND, around a common vision : used in an original and intelligent way, music, by its emotional charge, is a powerful amplifier for the scope of a brand message.

Our complementarity profiles, between the creative and the communication world, brings us a know-how to produce handcrafted high quality music, relevant and adaptated to the various forms that can assume the identity of brand sound.

We offer a complete range of music production, from pre-production to post production : strategic consulting, creative studio, legal and administrative support.

Curious by nature and always in search of new territories of sound expression, we have developed an immersive creative hub, dedicated to new narrative supports : virtual and augmented reality, immersive devices events... This new hub allows us to enrich our know-how to serve the brands at best.

« Sound is half the experience ». George Lucas


Advertising Television, web, radios, cinema
Digital Digital experiences, interactive websites
Broadcast Broadcast design, trailers, openings
Immersive Virtual reality, augmented reality, binaural sound
Corporate Brand content, serious game, e-learning
Animation 3D movies, architecture movies, motion design