Motion Motion, creation of the sound identity of an artistical festival

Back on the creation of the sound identity that we imagined for the Motion Design festival: Motion Motion.

The festival

Motion Motion, the motion design festival, took place on May 19th at Stereolux (Nantes). On 2017’s edition, we were partners of the festival. This time, we composed and produced the music of the trailer and different videos during the event. Organized and supported by a group of motion designers from Nantes, including Blackmeal and Doze, the festival attracts a wide variety of audiences from all over France. First of all, the topic is very inspiring, and also Nöbl, a very talented motion design studio based in Lyon, with whom we love to work, create and produce the video, and all the graphic identity of the festival. Working with Nöbl is the guarantee to handle very nice art direction. Thus, a beautiful work in perspective !

Why ? How ? In which direction ?

The brief was pretty clear : to seduce, being surprising, creative, original, modern and also to serve the purpose of the film.

Cyril Izarn, form Nöbl, sent us this reference :

Great reference, in terms of production and energy, but for our trailer, it is a bit repetitive and there is a lack of variation over the length. We were imagining a music with more warmth, above all for this kind of event wishing to be mainstream.

Give voices

This lack of warmth could be bringing by adding some voices. That turns out well, because we are involved in an European project, from Trempolino’s initiative : the European Music Incubator (EMI). In fact, we are following two artists, Sara Renar and NatalieMcCool, and we offer them to work on some our projects so that they could discover music creation for brands in a global way. If Motion Motion festival is not a company, we can consider the festival as a brand : it has a strong identity, some renown, a marked graphic universe, and it federates a community. We were fully in the theme. In order to be creative, original and surprising we have decided to use the voice so that the listener should be « tickled » : the tone of a voice will be recognized but we will try to surprise with different kind of sound effects in order to capture the audience’s attention.

First stage of the festival's sound identity, instrumental music :

Second stage of the festival's sound identity, the voices :

Sara et Natalie received the music, thought about it on their side, and we have taken advantage of their arrival in Nantes as part of the EMI project to spend a day in studio with both of them.

And now, we bring together voice and music!

Natalie’s version :

Sara’s version :

The final version, with their 2 voices :

Variation and deployment of the festival's sound identity

Nöbl, in charge of the visual identity, has offered a range of propositions on all the videos of the event : speakers’ presentation, motion award films competitions’ presentation, and a few jingles which have been punctuating some moments of the festival. Willing to accompany our partners as far as possible, we have proposed to adapt the music to shorter formats, fitting to the length and the role of these short videos. Actually, they really don’t have the same function as the trailer : they open a speaking, arrive before a content or intersperse the event. We must avoid to be too conclusive and try to create an opening to the following content, to put at best as possible the video in the context :

Here is a part : We are proud to have gone hand in hand with this nice festival, happy of the final result, and very glad having met lots of motion designers, creatives and having enjoyed the facilities, concerts and exhibitions more and more plentiful each year.

And who knows, for the next event, we might have the opportunity to involve again, in an other kind of expression…

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