Tag Heuer - Sound Design and virtual reality

Focus on our sound creations : a sound design created on a ride in virtual reality for a dive into the heart of the Tag Heuer brand.


TagHeuer is one of the most renowned Swiss watch brands in the world. Since 1860, it has created innovative products while maintaining the excellence of its know-how for over a century. Closely linked to the automobile, the watch brand has forged its vision in the sensational, full of energy, strong and always ready to take risks and innovate where we do not expect it. This powerful vision is part of the brand's DNA, TAG stands for Techniques d'Avant Garde (in French in the text): a strong story, the use of avant-garde technology and remarkable products In order to extend its vision of innovative marketing and its proximity to the public, TAG Heuer wanted to speak directly to a younger audience, thanks to technology and in particular virtual reality. The interest then was to push the realization of a deeply immersive experience in the universe of VR.


For the creation of the experience, TAG Heuer contacted the 909c agency (now WNP) to design a 360 ° video in the form of a roller-coaster. The film traces the history of the brand, strongly linked to motorsport, from the creation of the first model in the early 1960s to the latest collection, revealed as part of Baselworld. The 2.5-minute video, “Crafting a Legend: Ride with TAG Heuer”, first places the audience inside a GT car from the 1950s, a Formula 1 racing around a circuit, then the catapult in space to evoke the history of the Carrera model and finally in the exploration of the internal functioning and the complexity of the movements of the watch. The 909c agency (now WNP) then called on French experts in 3D production and mobile development (Mattrunks, Ateliers Seewhy and DV Mobile) to create an VR experience accessible from a Samsung GEAR VR.

On this occasion to live the experience, the brand also financed the manufacture of a retro / futuristic motor racing helmet customized to match the codes of the brand.


The objective

Compose an original soundtrack, an immersive sound design and sound car chases. The musical reference received by the agency is the soundtrack of TRON Legacy with the song The Grid, which combines both the ethereal atmosphere, the “tension” orchestra and the technological challenge through the use of keyboards and analog arpeggios.

The Storyboard

The storyboard sent by Mattrunks evokes 5 distinct parts in XP :

1 & 2 - The pursuit

The 1st acceleration phase during the pursuit between GT cars and Formula 1 on the circuit. This is the strong and intense part of the experience to immediately immerse the spectator in the sensation. The instruments used: orchestral staccato, impact of percussion, doubled by an electro rhythm to give the pulse and the stakes. The sound research was very exhaustive (engine sounds, starts, accelerations, braking, overtaking ...) and the type of models particularly precise: GT models (1955/56): Lancia D25 Sport Spider, 1955 Jaguar D-Type, Ferrari 250 GT... Formula 1 models (1973/1974): McLaren Ford M23, Ferrari 312 B3, Williams Fw01...

3 - The brand new “museum” atmosphere

Then comes the historical part: the atmosphere calms down, the music becomes more ambient and contemplative. Listening focuses on the voice-over, deep and deep and the gaze is placed on the evolution of Carrera models over the years.

4 - Watch movements

We then enter the inner mechanism of the watch, a real dive into its technique and the different parts that make up this Carrera model. Mechanisms, cogs, meticulous parts, everything is isolated and detailed. New techniques, new design and internal tourbillon, here is the future of the Tag Heuer models which starts with the Carrera O1.

5 - The watch

This is the final reveal of the different Carrera models and the final punctuation on the Tag Heuer logo packshot.

The deployment of a 360 ° sound design on the VR experience

This device was first unveiled at Baselworld 2016, then at worldwide on other occasions such as the GP of Formula E Paris, the TAG Heuer Opera Boutique, the TAG Heuer Pop-up store at Zurich Airport , the Audi Bauer Paris dealership, the World VR Forum…

The video is available on a dedicated application that has been installed on around 60 TAG Heuer devices that move to the brand's global events. It was also published on the New York Times website earlier this year, thanks to a collaboration of paid content.

  1. TEAM 
  2. Client : Tag Heuer 
  3. Agency / Prod : 909c 
  4. Animation : Mattrunks 
  5. Makers : Les Ateliers Seewhy 
  6. Mobile App : DVMobile 
  7. Musique + Sound Design : Mooders 

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