“Sound Dinner In the Dark?”, When gastronomy and sound design meet, in total darkness

Focus on our sensory experience combining gastronomy and sound design.

Have you ever been in absolute darkness for dinner? 

Have you ever tasted a dish with your ears?

Have you ever savored sounds?

The sensory space “Dans le Noir?”, The Radisson Blu Nantes and Mooders introduced their new experience : sharing a dinner in absolute darkness by multiplying a new sense, hearing!

Sound design at the service of taste

It is 7pm at the Radisson, time to enter a dark room to experience the first of an extraordinary sensory dinner. The guests are about to live a unique experience : a dinner in a dark during which the music enhances the taste pleasure and creates the sound identity of this dinner. From starters to desserts, dinner is enriched with our musical creations and custom-made sound design, inspired by culinary creations.

“From Nantes, music and sound design studio Mooders, has come to adds its tailor-made “grain de sel”, its “sound condiment” and I must admit that it’s an experience to live at least once in a life !” Les Ptits Bonheurs à Nantes.

Sound design as a guide in the dark

Without visual stimuli, the participant’s taste and hearing sensations are increased tenfold. Sound design and music then act as an intangible condiment and add a new dimension to the dishes. During a 3 movements dinner, the guests are sharing a unique human experience in a one and a half hour journey to discover the world of the Chef and his cuisine.

“I really loved this experience which takes us out of our usual comfort ! This dinner allows us to discover a different environment which may seems a bit hostile at beginning but which is ultimately super enriching ! “La Nantaize”

A unique sensory experience

The Chef, Erwan Noblet, imagines a gourmet menu, unknown by the guests. It’s up to them to guess what they are tasting. The sound immersion is increasing, starting with some sound clues sprinkled for the entry, a sound portrait of the dish before tasting and an immersive sound creation for the dessert, elaborated from the sounds of the dish, which mixed with the sounds produced by the guests transforms this moment into a unique sound piece. Textures, tastes but also musical and sound effects, sound atmospheres gradually lead them to lift the veil on what is hidden on their plate. Will they be right ? Was it veal or salmon ? A pepper, a leek ? They will know it once the dinner is finished by discovering their dishes in full light, the opportunity to confront their opinions and their feelings in a final moment of exchange.

“I had a great time, and honestly I also ate very well, and the wines were really good. (...) Honestly, I really loved it !” Barbidule from Tea, Toast and Spritz

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